The Game of 21

Vingt-et-un, meaning twenty-one, is a 17th century French card game which Blackjack originated from. While it is played much like Blackjack, there are numerous differences. Let's explore the basic strategy and differences between the two:


  • The dealer and players receive two cards. One of his cards face up receives by dealer.
  • Bets are placed only after the cards are dealt.
  • Upon looking at their cards, participants choose whether they would like another card (Hit) or if they will stay with the two cards given (Stand).
  • If cards are dealt, the player has the opportunity to Hit again or Stand. The chance that you run of this is obtaining a hand that has a total over 21 (Bust).
  • is the only value of Aces in Vingt-et-un. However, having two 11's is not counted as 22, but rather 21, which is a win.
  • Players compete with the dealer; however, if a dealer receives 21, he or she instantly wins. If the dealer is not an instant winner, players will compete with each other for a hand that is closer to 21.
  • Player rewards are different. They depend on the amount bet and the combination of cards.


Vingt-et-un has many similarities with modern version of Blackjack; however a few differences are still there:

  • Bets do not occur until all of the hands have been dealt. While in Blackjack, you must bet prior to receiving any cards.
  • In Vingt-et-un, only the dealer may double. In Blackjack, this option is open to all.
  • The payouts differ in Vingt-et-un and Blackjack, as well as the card combos.


Players often try to reach a score of 21. The goal should actually be to get closer than the dealer to 21. This is a common mistake that many beginning places make.


  • It has been claimed that Napoleon participated in the game of Vingt-et un when he was on the Elba Island.
  • Blackjack was actually an additional amount given to the person who had one a specified hand with Blackjack.
  • Vingt-et-un moved into Blackjack after its arrival to the US. A popular bonus given to a winning hand was greatly containing a black jack.
  • It is very rare to find Vignt-et-un on online and actual casinos.

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