Best Blackjack Players

Blackjack is a widely popular game due to its rules and basic simplicity. Blackjack is the only game, where your moves can influence the result of the game.

Several legendary blackjack professionals are presented in our overview below. Get to know these famous blackjack players of all times.

MIT Team

MIT Team is one of the most famous blackjack professionals in the world. For their career these people won about $4,000,000.

The MIT Team was a group of students. They began their career from studying math possibilities of winning for fun as a school club. Soon they discovered that with usage of some strategies and card counting methods - the game of blackjack made them good money. After that MIT Team started to improve their knowledge and skills, they began to learn the card counting strategy deeper, using books and mathematician methods. Soon they learned to practice in casino-like environment in order to deal with different annoying and distracting things.

When they perfected all their skills, these famous blackjack professionals started the invasion of the biggest casinos in the world. They divided their members into 3 types of players.

  1. Spotter
  2. Gorilla
  3. Big Player

Spotters always made minimum bets. Their main mission was counting cards. They later got Gorillas to know that the count was favorable; and on the contrary.

The Gorillas were in game simply to burn money, while Big Players counted cards and played at the same time.

Years after the blackjack professionals, MIT Team had won big amounts of money; casinos realized that something unfair had happened. After a massive investigation, all the members were banned.

Al Francesco

He was the father of counting strategies. He began his meeting with blackjack with E. Thorp's book - "Beat the Dealer". That's when he started to count cards and mastered what he had learned from the book. He was among blackjack professionals players. And it was Al Francesco who created the "Big Player" concept. The system was clear and simple. Two players place small wagers and count cards, while the big one receives the signals from them to play for a big bet and win.

Ken Uston

He learned everything from Al Francesco; studied his technic, being his pupil. Ken Uston was very good at math. That helped him to invent a mini pc that he placed into a shoe and due to it Uston won at Blackjack numerous times. However, he was also banned by casinos for his tricks. For his lifetime Uston has written many books on Blackjack.

All these blackjack professionals will be remembered as legendary blackjack players for all times.

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