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Welcome at the portal devoted to the best card game of all times and nations - blackjack! Casinos online never miss a chance to provide all their clients with playing blackjack as this game has millions of fans all over the world: learn the main aspects of the game with us and feel yourself being ready to gamble blackjack for real money! Blackjack will be good decision not only for players, who want to have fun, but also for those, whose goal is to win a lot of money. We are sure, that you will find something attractive in blackjack game for you and that will be one of the reasons to play it! Also play tradycyjna ruletka!

So, how to play blackjack? This main question of every gambler is answered here in full, as well as tips and odds of blackjack are also explained for you to understand this game properly. Black jack basic rules are not difficult to follow and the history of the game really impresses by its number of events which have changed the game running. You may read information on the history of this game in corresponding section, but keep in mind – in modern blackjack game there are a lot of things, which have never existed before, so pay precise attention to them not to be confused during the gambling. You should also remember, that blackjack is one game, which has lots of variations and if you want to play all of them, you have to learn their peculiarities in game rules and payouts. Game odds usually vary at different variants, so you have to know them also. If you want to make sure, that you’ve understood the game correctly - try free blackjack first.

Blackjack Basic History

The history of blackjack game is full of events and problems; appeared in the 17th century in France, blackjack was not very popular in America at once. Only after the French Revolution, when it moved to the USA, the game of blackjack began its journey to the fame. 1931 became the significant year for blackjack - gambling was legalized in Nevada and Vegas met blackjack then. read more

Blackjack Best Gamblers

They are the ones who know blackjack rules perfectly; they are the ones who develop blackjack strategies and tips for novices... They are the best blackjack gamblers who deserved to be called gurus of the game and members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame for their achievements. Who are all these people? What are the reasons of their passionate interest towards blackjack card game? read more

Best Gambling Sites

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Today you have two variants of gambling blackjack: download online casinos or instant play version. Download blackjack game allows you to play for money and you have to deposit some cash in order to be able to make bets. Download blackjack will be good for you if you do prefer to have all possible information at your PC, including software for gambling. That will be also good for you, if you prefer to play at different online casinos. You may download software for different mobile devices also, so check casinos you play at for availability of them. Instant play version has also a lot of positive traces, which will be interesting for some players. For example, you have no need to make deposits choosing non-downloadable version of online blackjack to play. Besides, you will be able to play blackjack at different places and try different game variations without making bets! Blackjack game requires a lot of practice and you can get it playing non download versions. Remember, both these options have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you prefer online gambling, you will make the right choice for sure. Anyway, we would recommend you to play live blackjack to feel the atmosphere of the game in full as this experience you will never forget!

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Best blackjack casino sites offer a huge variety of games to play without going to real land-based casino. You can discover the blackjack card game and its numerous types at best blackjack casino sites all across the Internet. Choose the best one for yourself if you prefer online gambling to the real one.