Blackjack Game Rules

The Blackjack card game is popular because of the low house edge and high odds. If the player is experienced enough -there will be no difficulties for him to win the game. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer with hands total that is close to 21, but not exceeds it. The thing to remember - is other players aren't important at all.

We introduce you blackjack rules of play and some useful tips that will help you in winning.

Basic Rules

First of all you have to place a bet, before the game starts. Due to blackjack rules of play the dealer deals you 2 cards both face up, and deals cards to him - one face up and another face down (Hole card).

When the cards are dealt you may take another card to improve your hands total, the dealer does the same. According to blackjack rules of play you can also stand and do not take any additional cards if your hands total is close to 21 or you think it's better to stay.

You win in Blackjack in the next cases:

  1. If your hand's total is higher that the dealer's and do not went busting.
  2. When the dealer's hand total is over 21 points.

Cards in Blackjack

In blackjack rules of play all the cards have different values. The Face cards are counted as 10 points each card. Cards from 2 to 10 are counted as their printed value. Aces can carry the value both 1 and 11.

If your first two cards' total is 21 - it means you win automatically. The hand of 21 point, which contains the black Jack card and an Ace - is called the "Blackjack". Due to blackjack rules of play when you get the Blackjack your payout becomes one and a half times of your initial bet. If the dealer has the Blackjack also - you simply take your bet beck.

Options in Blackjack

There are several options in blackjack rules of play you can use to increase your chances.

  • Insurance
  • Doubling Down
  • Splitting
  • Surrender

All these options belong to blackjack classical strategy. Other variations depends on blackjack rules of play.

Variants of Game

There can be numerous strategies and variants of the game: for example, number of decks, blackjack basic strategy or progressive strategy, dealers cards that can be dealt both face up and down or the number of tables in the game. It all depends on the kind of the game you've chosen.

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