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Below you will find the rules of Blackjack. As with anything, practice makes perfect and the only way to become successful is to learn the basic strategies and practice. Taking part in free blackjack games on the internet may improve the odds for winning. So it is crucial to play our sites free Blackjack game. Try your skills here first, or at the Casinos mentioned below, before you try to hit it big in Vegas.

Rules of blackjack

  1. The goal of Blackjack is to be the player that gets the closest to 21 vs. dealer, without going over.
  2. While picture cards are counted as ten, Aces can count as eleven or one. In this instance, you would choose whatever would work in your favor for that particular hand.
  3. Players are given two cards. The dealer is given two cards as well. However, one of the dealer's cards will be face up. After players have entered their bets, the dealers other card will be revealed.
  4. Players may decide to take another card (Hit) in attempt to reach 21, or stay with the cards they currently hold (Stand).
  5. When all players have received their cards, the dealer than shows his one. If dealers' cards equal 16 or under, he must take cards until the total is 16 or greater.
  6. If a player's hand beats the dealer's hand, without going over, that player wins!
  7. If dealer goes over 21 (Bust), each player who has not busted as well will instantly win that particular hand.
  8. When a player is dealt a ten or a picture card with an ace, that's Blackjack and player has won. Payout is equal to the bet plus 150%.

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