Blackjack History

For over 400 years, Blackjack has delighted players all over the world. The game has developed shifted from a once house-edge game to today's variations that offer some of the lowest house edge possibilities of any casino game!

Upon introduction to the United States, Blackjack had the name of Twenty-One and it was rather unpopular. In order to attract players, casino owners chose to offer a bonus payout when a player was dealt any black Jack with an Ace of Spade. This allowed for a payout of 10-1! Once the game caught on, the payout was taken away but the name Blackjack remained.


One thing that has stood the test of time is that Blackjack can be beaten. This may mean by using legal or illegal tactics. An attempt to beat the game is what keeps the dealers and Pit Bosses always on their toes. A casino's main objective is to make sure that the game is played in an honest fashion by players and dealers alike.

  • A casino's worst fear is having Collusion. Explore our Blackjack cheats section and you will find out just how many players and casinos have executed (and often failed) a serious scam!
  • While the age-old practice of counting cards is not illegal, it is generally looked down upon by casinos. It's important to note that counting cards does not guarantee a player instant success and riches.
  • You will find our section regarding Counting Cards. Remember that counting cards takes a great deal of time and discipline in order to be successful at it.


Players of all levels dream of the ability to master Blackjack. Since this is no easy feat, we have compiled a full guide to help you with your journey to Blackjack dominance.

Each guide will expose the basic rules of play along with the mathematic components need to successes. Using these tools will certainly give you the upper hand the next time you decided to play.

If you have no experience with Blackjack, no need to panic. We provided information that will help you to understand the absolute basics and the most commonly used Blackjack Terminology. This will have you feeling like a pro in no time!

Feel free to take a look around and gather as much information as you can. The key to winning is having the right tools!

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