Odds in Blackjack

Blackjack is a game that is based not only at chance and personal luck, but on strategy and odds as well. It's all about your manner of playing. To win blackjack or not depends on your experience and trained skills.

Bringing Odds to the Game

If you are interested to win blackjack any possible way, then you should be aware of your odds and how to use them. Because, if you don't know your odds in blackjack - the outcome of the game might be very sad.

There is nothing special or difficult in learning to count your odds. Just determine how often you can receive different hands during the game. You probably know that the highest hand equals 21 points. If your hand's total value is 21 - it means you win at Blackjack. We advise you to score not 21 points, but less, from 16 to 20 in order not being busted. If you exceed the border of 21 point - you will lose the game at once.

So it is better to collect less, but higher than dealer's hand total. If you receive up to 20 points - always choose a Stand option to prevent busting. If you see you aren't close enough - you can Hit further cards, but carefully counting.

How to Use Odds

If your hand's total is 12 or even lower - you can safely Hit for another card, without bothering yourself what situation you are currently in. You are at low risks till going beyond 21. If you know blackjack strategies well, such as progressive blackjack strategy, basic strategy and card counting strategy - then your hand will gain you a favorable position at the table.

Why odds are so important? The answer is very simple. When you know your odds, you can predict good bets. To determine your chances in game - you can follow the card counting system. The option of doubling down may be useful when your hand is between 16-18 points.

To split your hand into two you need to define odds in order to know whether you will receive good cards for each hand. And before splitting you must already know that.

So, as we've found out, the odds mostly depend on usage of blackjack strategy and card counting. Although, the last one can be difficult to learn and use, because you have to follow specific formulas. If you are new to blackjack this may be quite uneasy.

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